With Kaabil, Hrithik Roshan to reinvent romance which will make you crush on him even more

Hrithik Roshan & Yami Gautam in Kaabil

Hrithik Roshan & Yami Gautam in Kaabil

It’s difficult not to be in love with Hrithik Roshan. He is charming, ridiculously good looking, and has an effortless way of making you fall for him even without trying. Kaabil will see him paint the silver screens with this same romantic fervour and we are dying to watch that. In fact, we feel he is reinventing romance with Kaabil on the big screen. Of course, we can prove it!

Tantalizing trailer

You need a trailer that leaves an impact and Kaabil took Facebook by storm. It was the most viewed video on Facebook upon release. A record even before the film released – that’s how Hrithik rolls. Honestly, it was nothing we had expected. We weren’t prepared to get washed over by sweet romance and to tell you the truth, we were overwhelmed. Then, there was action and emotions too. But what we liked the most is the freshness of it all. It looked so beautiful. No wonder people lapped it up on social media platforms.

Old school romance in a new package

There was a strange likeability in the way romance was conducted in films previously. It was really really sweet and Kaabil gives you the same feeling. Regardless of the fact that Yami and Hrithik play a blind couple, there is the promise of the first meeting, first touch, first fight and all the firsts that one experiences in a relationship. Even when you can’t see your partner, you know his gaze on you makes you blush more. Ah…such a perfect romance. But it’s a Rakesh Roshan production who believes in imbibing modern sensibilities in his films. So there will be many present day love references but the essence will be maintained. Even in a tech heavy Krrish series, he managed to get romance play an important part.

Fresh chemistry

Okay, admit it Hrithik looks good with anyone. He has this aura around himself which makes everyone look good in front of him. But with Yami, it just goes way beyond anything that we have seen before. Perhaps the fact that they have come together for the first time has added oodles of charm to the film. Whatever scenes of the two we saw in the trailer and the song made us go aww. They look beautiful together!

Melody returns to music

In today’s times, it’s all about who’s rapping in a song. Melody has lost its identity but people like Rajesh Roshan will do anything to not let that happen. After listening to Kaabil Hoon, we were reminded of the melodies that touched our hearts instantly. It felt so good to hear such melody. There was a time in the 90s, composers only cared about making a melodious tune without gimmicks. Rajesh Roshan’s tunes will take you back to that memorable decade. We don’t how to thank you for that Mr Roshan! We were so missing that…

It goes without saying that Kaabil will be the best start to 2017 when it releases on January 25. Romance has become so cliched these days that Hrithik’s film is the ray of hope that it will be back being relevant like before.

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