WOW! Salman Khan Opens Up About The Sultan Poster Being Photoshopped


Salman Khan‘s Sultan has, unsurprisingly, opened to big numbers. But before the release of the film, the makers were accused of overtly photoshopping Salman in the poster. In an interview to DNA, Salman actually spoke about it.


He said:

“I think it was photoshopped. The head wasn’t looking correct. Maybe, it wasn’t Photoshop but there was something very weird about the head. Photoshop would be a wrong word. The proportion was slightly wrong. My head looks bigger in that picture because of the angle in which the picture was taken.”

He further added that he was really ripped during the shoot of the film. So they had to enhance some fat on his body during the fight scenes because wrestlers aren’t built like that.

That’s cool!

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